Welcome to the Client Lounge


I'm so thrilled you have chosen me to photography your precious moments! 
The Client Lounge was designed to offer you a luxury experience from the beginning! 
Here you will have access to Styling Guide, Client Closet, your Gallery and bring your images to life with the most beautiful and high quality products we have to offer on the Photo Boutique!
Creating Some Styling Magic
What you wear truly makes or breaks your session! It's incredibly important to wear outfits that not just fits your style but complete the story your images you tell and that you feel amazing in! I know, that already sounds stressful and expensive right? But don't ... I am coming to your rescue!

What do I wear?
I have an entire Closet available for browsing and borrowing! This includes an exclusive collection of amazing dresses, accessories and some options for the little ones. We will schedule a private styling appointment to browse, try on, and coordinate outfits for your session. You can also view the client closet pieces shown in my work in the link below and my instagram.
During our appointment we will go through designs, colors, textures, accessories to create your perfect look. We will look for options in my Client Closet and also my favorite shops to coordinate all the outfits for your session! After selecting your favorites, I will email you the results of our styling appointment as well as the options to shop for! Its outfit coordination made easy!
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Should I get my hair and makeup done professionally? 
Yessss! I highly recommend professional hair and makeup. Contact and book with one of the best in Saint Louis & Saint Charles. And the best news is ... some of them are available to come to my space if that is more convenient for you!!

Danielle Veronesi Makeup Artist & Stylist 347-977-7555
Stunning Locations
The time of year and the location we choose during our planning process will determine the exact time we start our session. 
My favorite lighting happens during Golden Hour which is up to two hours before the sun sets. I know this can be difficult for families with young kiddos and early bedtimes but I promise a little flexibility for this occasion will be worth it. Try to adjust the nap schedule that day and bribe, bribe, bribe!
Your Gallery

​​​​​​​If you're looking for your client gallery, you're almost there! Just click the image above -- Your Gallery is where you can view & choose your favorite images from your sessions, you can also preview and order prints straight from the the labs. If you prefer a more personal touch and some advices to bring your images to life I present you my PHOTO BOUTIQUE
Photo Boutique
During our Appointment you will have access to some of my art collection. We will talk about albums, prints, wall art, types of material, textures, colors and how to choose the best option for your home, office, presents and much more!
I offer a variety of quality albums and books. Album & Box sets are also available.
I offer a variety of quality albums and books. Album & Box sets are also available.
I offer a variety of quality albums and books. Album & Box sets are also available.
I offer a variety of quality albums and books. Album & Box sets are also available.
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