Holiday Products Guide

What do you get!!

Printing your images offers several important benefits that digital display alone cannot fully provide:

Enhanced Viewing Experience
Viewing a printed photograph offers a different and often more immersive experience than seeing it on a digital screen, allowing for a deeper connection with the image.

Tangible & Permanent 
Printed images create physical copies that can be touched, held, and displayed in your home, working area, etc, preserving memories and moments in a more permanent way, making them easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Avoiding Digital Loss
Digital files can be susceptible to data loss, corruption, or accidental deletion. By printing your images, you ensure they won't be lost due to technological issues.

Share as Gift
Printed photos can be shared as gifts to loved ones, creating meaningful and lasting presents with sentimental value.

In summary, printing your images adds an extra dimension to your story, creating a more intimate and meaningful connection with your loved ones and allowing you to share in a timeless and tangible way. 
These Acrylic Photo Blocks are such an elegant photo display made of solid acrylic, which integrates itself in any room thanks to its minimalist design. 
The Acrylic Photo Block comes with a Photo Printed in FUJIFILM Silk paper. The magnetic plate attached behind the Block allowing for replacement.

The Minimalist Acrylic Photo Block is made of sturdy 18 mm thick acrylic!
Have you seeing these Ornaments?

Add your favorite memories in a timeless photo ornament and make your tradition even more meaningful!
These are custom photo ornaments will add the a perfect touch and personalization to your decoration and are a unique gift for someone you love. The professional photo quality will let you enjoy this beautiful moment for years to come. 

Holiday ribbon is included with each ornament, making it ready to hang on your Christmas tree.
It comes in three different Styles: 
Square Fancy style  4"x4"
Circle style  4" in diameter
Gift Tag style  3"x5"

These products are handcraft and they should be in the studio within 7 business days, I will keep you updated of course!
Heirloom Card
Heirloom Cards use real photo paper and the same mounting a high-end album page. They feature contemporary trimmed round corners and unique designs.

Signature Flat Card
Signature Flat Cards use inkjet printing on press paper with a flat card format. 

Signature Folded Card
Signature Folded Cards have the same characteristics of a flat card but with a folded design that allows you to write your personalized messages!

Sizes: 3.5x5, 4x5.5, 5x7
Papers: Lustre, Pearlescent, Semi Gloss, Pearl
Mounting: Thin (0.03" 0.8mm), Standard (0.04" 1.1mm) (Heirloom Cards)
White Envelope(s) Included
They should arrive at the studio in 12 business days.
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