It's beginning to look like Christmas!!
November 12, 2023

How exciting!! It's just one week before our Holidays Sessions begin! I am so grateful that these have been a part of Holidays Tradition for many families and I feel extremely lucky to be part of yours.
Holidays Session are quick back to back 20 minute session and they're busy, busy! Please arrive on time and no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment's slot. 

What to Expect ...
My heart and soul has gone into these Holidays Session and I simply cannot wait to welcome you and your family! If you're a regular client - you know the drill! Those who are new, my sessions take a more relaxed approach and are based around play!
The sets are real and carefully planned out to ensure the your little people have things to interact with.
I love the idea of having a minimalist  setup with fewer objects, enabling us to focus on your what matter the most, my goal is to capture feelings between you and your family.
With that said, your little ones don't necessary need to be looking at the camera - in fact, some of my favorite shots at the close ups of little faces looking at you, siblings playing together or tiny chubby fingers holding a object! 
You will park directly outside my home studio and be warmly welcomed straight into capturing some magical moments across two set.
I will have some Christmas Cards at display as well as a stunning Crystal Block for you to look and order if you like! And a surprise for gift for the kids because it's Christmaaasss!!!!
Styling Advice ...
You are in focus here!! Literally!!
What you wear is very important and I'm here for you if you need any extra help!
Please arrive wearing your outfits. There will not be enough time to change outfits for these Sessions.
Here are some valuable tips to help you getting everyone ready :)

Neutral colors will work very well - white, off-white, cream, beige;
Tulle tutus look stunning for both scenarios;
Avoid grey as it washes out skin tones;
Avoid harsh colors particularly orangey reds;
Neon colors are a big no-no;
Matching PJs are really cute;
Knitwear is always good;
Red bowl looks beautiful;
Focus on a few key colors and patterns.
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