From a desire to document beautiful moments 4 years ago, I have captured peoples magical moments as a portrait photographer.
Most days, you can find me at home drinking a green juice, and trying to balance mom and photographer life. I'm a wife to a gorgeous South African and a mama to one amazing babies little girl!!
I’m an art and craft lover, salted caramel ice-cream devourer, and master diy. I LOVE reading books to my little girl!
I easily connect with people and people feel comfortable being themselves around me. Which is definitely a plus when working with my clients! But I'm not the oversharing over Instagram stories type.
My passion for photography grew after I moved to South Africa. I became absolutely obsessed with taking photos of the animal in the safaris and soon fell in love of capturing people's connection. Getting those shots with real emotion that make your heart melt! 
​​​​​​​After a few years, that passion has been fueled by the gratitude and appreciation my clients have shown me. These moments are fleeting and I find it so special to be the one documenting them. 
My mission as a photographer is on styling stunning photography sessions and providing an exceptional experience. I'm known for my innovative, minimalist and intimate portraits. All images are single capture – meaning every photography session is tailored for each of my clients.
You can still see the African influence on my work through the colors I bring in my images. I have designed some amazing color combinations inspired by the wonderful nature and fabulous animals I've experienced in my adventures!!
Kind Words
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